Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads

Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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WARNING: Listening to this music doesn't require parental approval. It's a bit of clean rebellion. It keeps your outlook up and your hope alive. It's got strong drums and screaming guitars. It pumps you up and drives your life. It's a hunger for exploration. It chooses the right and returns with honor. It's music you don't have to confess to your bishop.

It's not your parents' "Saturday’s Warrior".

It's "A Joyful Noise"

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So, on the way home from work, I caught this bug in my ear, and I just though it would be fun to capture my basic idea for "Where's My Soul".

So, I just came home, and copy/pasted some drums for a basic loop beat, then recorded the basic guitar, and then copy/pasted a bass part.

Then I had some fun with a scratch vocal track. I did it way low, in a sort of vocal fry range, giving it a really cool sorta bluesy feel. It kinda feels lazy, which fits the song very nicely, I think...

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