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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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Saturday, January 08, 2005

So, today, I gave Jodi a burned copy of all of my songs for "One United Generation". As we were listening to it, all was going along well until we got to "Out of the Chapel". I guess I hadn't listened to the final mixes, because when the time came for the guitar solo riffs in the second verse, they weren't there. I was surprised. It wasn't like there were dropouts or crackles, the track wasn't there. Everything else was just fine.

So, I had to go back and open up the files. I must've tried burning 4 or five mixes of the song with different switches flipped before I finally discovered what was wrong. Yeesh.

So, now, I have to reburn all my demo CD's, and re-weedify and install the song for my webssite...

Yeesh, again...

Then, I was reading in this music recording magazine and they had this poll of their editorial staff. They were each throwing out their wish list for cool recording plug-ins and features for recording softwares. I knew mine right off, so I now present:

The Hoover: A "Suck" filter

It allows you to filter out everything in your song that sucks. You can set it for a general broadband suck filter, inserted into the stereo bus. In this application it would filter out the overall suckiness of the song, leaving nothing but a hot, happenin' track. Or, you could select from any number of narrow-band presets, like the "Suckin Up the Mud" to leave your bass track crystal clear, or clear up that wobbly and pitchy vocal track with "American Idol". It'll filter the "Suck" right out of whatever ails your tune.

Another idea! They have Amplifier emulators that simulate a Mesa/Boogie, a Fender Twin, or a Marshall Stack, and they have Mic Emulators that can fake an AKG 414 or a $2000 Neumann. Now all we need is a Vocal Emulator! That would be cool. I could cut a track, insert it in, and with a few clicks of the mouse make myself sound like Geoff Tate, Steve Perry, or Rob Halford. You could purchase upgrade presets, too, like the Harmonizer that would make me sound like the entire group of N'Sync, or even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

I'm gonna be rich!


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