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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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WARNING: Listening to this music doesn't require parental approval. It's a bit of clean rebellion. It keeps your outlook up and your hope alive. It's got strong drums and screaming guitars. It pumps you up and drives your life. It's a hunger for exploration. It chooses the right and returns with honor. It's music you don't have to confess to your bishop.

It's not your parents' "Saturday’s Warrior".

It's "A Joyful Noise"

Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm very excited! There have been a lot of people contacting me off the site to do performances. Just within the last two weeks, I've had four requests for bookings! I don't know how many will come to fruition, but it's exciting to get contacted.

One of the ones that I know will work out (it's already booked) is July 30 at the American Fork Amphitheatre (where we have the LDS Music Fest every year). Matt Whitney, another Random Tangent, will be there as the opening act, and John and Morey will also be helping with additional instruments.

Obviously, I'll be keeping the shows page up to date as we go along, too.

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