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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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WARNING: Listening to this music doesn't require parental approval. It's a bit of clean rebellion. It keeps your outlook up and your hope alive. It's got strong drums and screaming guitars. It pumps you up and drives your life. It's a hunger for exploration. It chooses the right and returns with honor. It's music you don't have to confess to your bishop.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Woo Hoo!

After a week of chaos and destruction, my studio is once again active! Jodi decided she wanted to shift her scrapbooking room, and in the process of doing that, we decided that the studio and the bedroom needed to be moved as well.

So, even though the room I'm in is slightly smaller than the other room, my speakers are better placed, and I have much more shelf space. So, I'm doin' pretty well. Unfortunately, right now, very little is on the shelves, as most of it is still in a huge pile taking up most of the floor.

I've already thrown out or given away much of my stuff. Probably about a fourth of my stuff. OK, I'm a pack rat, I accept that. And it was tough getting rid of some of the memories and souveneirs I've acquired over the years, but have never actually done anything with.

But now I'm starting fresh, and I'm psyched. The speakers are better placed for better mixes, everything (except the MIDI keyboard) is plugged in and tested, and I'm good to go!

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