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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martyrs and Anthems

I've been working a lot on "Martyrs" lately. My good friend Jason recorded some drum tracks for me. He's an incredible drummer. I've been kinda struggling with the mix. There's some low-end rumble goin' on, and if I EQ that out, the kick drum disappears. I'm working on it, though.

Seriously, though, he did a rockin' job playing the drums. And it's perfect for the "anthem-y" style of the song. I can't wait to get this one done. I've been practicing harmony vocals in my car to and from work. Playing this one live will be fun!

It's also made me think a lot about Joseph Smith and his contribution. I read a blog posting the other day about the nature of martyrdom, and Joseph Smith's in particular. I think a martyr is someone who is killed because of what he/she believes. I don't think it matters whether or not the person is frightened, like I'm sure the victims at Haun's Mill were, or shoots back, like Joseph Smith did, or just takes it, like the Ammonites did. The point is, they were killed for their beliefs, and they didn't deny.

And so, as the Book of Mormon says, they are welcomed up in glory. And that's why this song sounds like an anthem instead of a dirge.

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