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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Work on "The Spin"

But before I dive in and start talking about how to make LDS music, I spent some time this morning working on a little more LDS music of my own.  The other day, I recorded ten tracks of lead vocals, so today, I spent some time "comping" or "compositing" the best lines of all ten takes. 

This time, I was surprised.  Sometimes, I struggle with the comping because in some phrases, I'm lucky to get two or three good takes to choose from.  Sometimes, I'm choosing the one take that's the least bad.  But throughout this song, there were take after take of good, solid tracks.  In some cases, I just picked one at random, because they were all dead on.  I'm pleased.  That doesn't happen for me very often.

Then I just worked up a scratch mix, which I think may actually end up pretty close to the final mix.  We'll have to see, of course, because I'm much more picky when I do finals.

Sam Payne has agreed to record some vocal scatting for this tune, too.  I'm excited to hear how that will sound.


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