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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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Monday, April 05, 2010

They're Out There!

I had a fun time happen yesterday that really made me feel great.  Do you remember me mentioning a bunch of guys that performed "He's Out There" at a stake activity?  They're from Idaho, and they were in town to see General Conference.  So, yesterday morning, before heading downtown, the whole family came out to visit me.

The three boys of the family make up their band:  Matt, on guitar, Austin, on Bass, and Ryan, on the drums.  Mom, Dad, and the sister came out as well.  I sure had a great time talking with them.  They brought out a copy of each of the CD's for me to sign, and I played them some of the newer tunes I've been working on.

Matt showed me a YouTube video of one of his songs, called "It's All Good".  I'd put it up as a link, but I couldn't find it a second time.  Matt, post up the link!

After a while, they headed up to the city to go to the final session of conference, and I relaxed and thought about how cool it felt to have people like the tunes I put out.  Sometimes, it can get quiet out here, and I wonder how many people are actually listening.  It's nice to put some faces on the numbers, ya know?


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