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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FAWM #4: Oh Simeon

 As I posted up my first few FAWM songs, David left some suggestions for a song.  He suggested the story of Simeon, as told in Luke Chapter 2.  He suggested it, I think, because it's traditionally commemorated on February 2nd.  

I was really glad of the suggestion.  In this story, there's a lot of wonderful lessons, of ongoing faith, of enduring to the end, of rewarded patience.  I thought of his longsuffering, and willingness to submit to everything the Lord sent him, with the assurance of the prophecy that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah.

And he didn't just patiently wait.  He waited while serving.  He gave his whole life, and in the end, it was rewarded, as promised.

Oh, Simeon 
By Mark Hansen with David Lund

Each morning you woke up
Lifted your weary head
Placed your aching feet
And rose up out of bed

The robe you wore was heavy
Each year slower than the last
A meager bowl of meal and
A prayer to break the fast

Oh, Simeon
Oh, Simeon
How long you have waited
Oh, Simeon
Oh, Simeon
With a faith that never faded

And at the temple door
Each day you watched them come
As they brought in their sacrifices
And then left one by one

A father brought his new son
And his wife, both new and clean
This family brought the spirit
Like none other you had seen


I’d sure like to know how you felt as you held the child
That all those years of waiting had finally been fulfilled
The holy promise you’d been given: that you would see the one
That you’d been serving all these years
At last it was all done


One morning when the sun shone
Across your weary head
Your eyes no longer opened
Resting in your bed


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