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Mark Hansen Music - LDS Rock Music - Free Downloads
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Monday, May 30, 2011

LDS Rock Music Droid App, LDS Music Today

Some cool news updates:

Droid App

First, do you want to know what’s happening in the world of LDS Rock Music?  There’s an app for that!  That’s right, I have an app, now!  Currently, it’s only available for Droid, but as soon as the app application process on iTunes is complete, it will launch as well for the iPhone format.

It’s pretty simple, nuthin’ fancy, but I’ve had a lot of fun putting it together, and I think it’s cool!  It’s like a mini-magazine.  I write up a featured artist, with links to sample tunes, show off some of my own tunes, spout off a little opinion column, and share a bunch of great links.  All of it is focused on promoting LDS rock and alternative musicians.

The cool thing is that it went live on May 6th, and since then, I’ve had over 500 downloads.  It’s a free app, too, by the way.

Here are some easy ways to get it on your phone:  One is to simply go to the Droid Market on your phone and search for “LDS Rock Music”, or even just “LDS Music”.  Then download and install the app.

Another is to point your phone at this QR code (if you’ve got a reader app), and scan it.  You’ll jump straight to the Droid Market page.

And, finally, you can point your Droid phone browser at this address: market://details?id=com.appclaimer.ldsRockMusic, and it will take you there as well.

If you like it, please go back and leave some pleasant comments!

LDS Music Today

My song, “Long Long Time” was featured in the LDS Music Today podcast, in episode 108.  That’s not too out-of-the-ordinary, in and of itself.  I’ve been lucky to be included several times in the past.

This time, however, was unique, in that it was an entire episode centered around LDS guys that rock.  I was surrounded by great musicians like Bill Dent, Michael Dowdle (his new CD is incredible!), Bill Williams, and Kirk Bullough.  There’s a lot of screamin’ guitar goin’ on this time!

You can go to the LDS Music today main page, or to the episodes downloads page to get it and all of the other episodes, too.  

I really appreciate all that Steve Larsen does to promote LDS music.


Come back often to hear about new songs and shows. Mark also has other sites and blogs, including his Dutch Oven blog: Mark's Black Pot and his LDS pop culture blog: MoBoy blog.

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