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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Long-Haired Monogamous Weirdo

I read Matt Walsh's blog about monogamy with interest.  I know it's getting pushed around on facebook a lot recently. Once you get past all of the posturing and chest-puffing, it's actually a pretty interesting read.  The two of them get pretty full of themselves trying to prove their points.  In reality, I've seen monogamous marriages fall apart and some polyamorous ones that, on some level at least, seem to be working.  But I've also seen a lot of successful faithful traditional marriages and I've witnessed (second hand) the damage that can come from infidelity, even if it's "approved".

I was intrigued mostly because it reminded me of an incident many years ago and the song it inspired.

It was when Jodi and I were doing foster parenting, and were inlvolved in a lot of social services activities.  At one point we went to a training about AIDS prevention.  I left very upset. They made many efforts to be careful not to offend those with non-traditional lifestyles.  They used gender-neutral words, and words like "partner" instead of "spouse".  That's fine.  I'm all for not offending people.

But then, in the same moment, they would ridicule and belittle those who had made traditional life choices. Like Jodi and me.  At one point, a worker/trainer said to us, "Abstinence and monogamy simply isn't a valid lifestyle in today's society."  And this was in the early 1990s.

At the time, I was dealing with my own personal dichotomies.  I was a long-haired rocker with a temple recommend, for example.  I had grown up and been raised to wait until marriage, and to be faithful afterward. At that moment, I really felt what the scriptures talk about when they refer to us as "a peculiar people". I didn't really fit into either world. In my frustration, I wrote this song:

Long Haired Weirdo

I'm just a long haired wierdo with some strange ideas
I'm in love with my wife and she's the only one I please
I'm just a long haired freak with some weirdness demonstrated
I was fresh when I got married and I'm sure glad that I waited
I'm an old fasioned guy
In a modern world
Don't push me away
I want to be heard

I'm just a long haired stranger I don't always fit in
I think a lie will lead to trouble and a cheater never wins
I have a hard time with grey, I don't think the line is thin
I don't like to justify I like to call a sin a sin
I'm an old fashioned guy
In a modern world
Don't push me away
I want to be heard

I'm just a long haired weirdo and I'm tired of feeling shame
For holding up my standards and carrying His name
You can say that I'm dogmatic and my views are narrow-minded
But I can see to clearly to believe I have been blinded
I'm an old fashioned guy
In a modern world
Don't push me away
I got to be heard

To play the song, go here.

I was relatively new to the marriage game when I wrote that.  Now, I'm older, fatter, and with shorter hair.  But I tell ya, when I hear things like this, it makes me want to let my rebel flag fly.  I can't tell you what will work for you. Myself, I feel like Joshua. Choose ye this day..., as åfor me and my house...


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