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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Catch Your Rainbow

I wrote this one a long time ago as a Christmas present for my father-in-law. He was going though some real struggles, and I think it helped him to feel loved. We brought the whole family to the studio to sing the final chorus. It was great.

He passed away yesterday. I had long since lost the recordings and the lyrics. My wife, Jodi, his daughter, asked me to sing it at his funeral. I pieced together what I could from memory, and then wrote more to fill in the gaps. in the end, I think this is a better song!

I'll post a scratch of the guitar and vocals later.

Catch Your Rainbow
For Don

The rains fall hard and stormy
With lightning and thunderous roars
The winds are harsh and gusty
No reprieve from the constant downpour

But wait, there’s a moment of sunshine
That splits through the clouds of gloom
The bright rays break into colors
So you chase it to find where it blooms

When will you catch your rainbow
And find your pot of gold
It’s hard to build a future
For a man who won’t sell his soul

When will you catch your rainbow
And find your lucky star
Look in the eyes of your children to find
How lucky you really are

The stars are starting to glimmer
And the salt air chills to the core
The stars at your feet are many
And the waves wash them past the shore

You struggle to shake off the sadness
As you stare down the lonely beach
Trying to find the peace of mind
That always seems out of reach

In life’s tough school you’ve studied
And earned your highest degree
And built in the hearts of your children
An incredible legacy


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